(#1) Hosted multiple career fairs featuring top 100 employers in St. Louis from all sectors of the local economy, making over 100,000 federal jobs available to learn about and apply for worldwide.

(#2) Passed legislation enabling low income rural homeowners to refinance mortgages through a guaranteed loan program.

($$) Assisted in new market tax credit funding for several St. Louis organizations, amounting to over 250 million in financial aid.

(#4) Crafted legislation that ends abusive and predatory lending practices by banks and other financial service providers.

(#5) Successfully retained and expanded for Missouri and the First Congressional District key federal facilities including the National Personnel Records Center in Spanish Lake, which safeguards over 100 million military and civilian personnel records and which kept 850 federal jobs in North St. Louis County; and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), which remains in St. Louis and will boost and enhance the region with some 16,000 jobs, an annual budget of some $5 billion and at least $1.75 billion in new construction.  The largest single federal investment in St. Louis history.

($$) Dedicated imperative facilities in Missouri, including the National Personnel Records Center in Spanish Lake, which safeguards over 100 million military and civilian personnel records and kept 850 federal jobs in North County St. Louis.

($$) Worked to implement 4 million in grants to support stronger families and housing in St. Louis, which would repair and build low income homes and provide for homeless veterans.

(#7) Worked to create an almost 15 million worker training grant that would allow 3,000 students across Missouri to gain professional certification to fill high demand jobs in skilled manufacturing.

($$) Won over funding for the St. Louis region amounting to over 100 million to provide for low income communities, specifically in relation to real estate projects and business operations.

($$) Supported federal funding amounting to 1.87 million to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department to allow additional police officer hires.

(#10) Fought against the Republican “Tax Scam” which offers little benefit for working Americans but much more in less taxation to the richest Americans

(#11)  Currently, the ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee

(#12) Supports Gold Star families even if the President does not

(#13)  Continues to protect 14,000 skilled manufacturing jobs at Boeing by working to ensure enhanced funding for the vital F/A-18 Superhornet, the E/A-18 Growler programs and future aircraft built by skilled union machinists in Hazelwood.

(#14)  Fighting to raise the federal minimum rage to $15 per hour, because no American who works full-time should be living in poverty.


With your continued support, Mr. Lacy Clay will return to Congress for another term and work to make our changing, progressive world today even better tomorrow; for our children and their children, and all others in the world who look to us for the best that humanity can be.