Opioid Epidemic & Gun Violence

The opioid epidemic has taken too many lives in America, especially in the first congressional district of
Missouri. As your congressman, I am deeply troubled and sadden by the effect of opioids on our
community and like communities afflicts by this silent killer. Without a substantial increase of support
and national commitment, we will continue to feel the negative effects of opioids in our community.

Our nation has reached a tipping point. We are in the midst of an epidemic of gun violence that is
equally inflicting devastating carnage on our community; because of the culture of easy access to guns,
and the failure of some elected officials to stand up to the gun lobby. I believe we must break the grip
of the NRA on Congress and our state legislature by adding your voice to the fight.

I have been honored to co-sponsor the following legislation to combat opioids and gun violence on
behalf of America and the First Congressional District:

  • HR 2459 Comprehensive Addiction Resources Emergency Act providing emergency assistance
    to states and local areas affected by the opioid epidemic with financial assistance to local areas
    through nonprofits and state governments. These organizations will also be responsible to
    citizens by coordinating effective and efficient delivery of care to those dealing with substance
  • HR 2466 State Opioid Response Grant Authorization Act providing financial resources to State
    Opioid Response (SOR) Grants and Tribal Opioid Response (TOR) Grants for 5 years. It provides
    $1 billion per year, which includes $50 million for TOR grants. These resources are needed to
    combat the growing epidemic of opioid addiction and crisis.
  • HR 3435 Local Public Health and Safety Protection Act of 2019 giving local governments
    freedom to fight gun violence with federal legislation allowing St. Louis and cities in 43 states to
    pass tougher gun laws without approval of state legislatures.