(#1) advocated for the working middle class by fighting against legislation destroying the ability of working people to organize and protest, specifically given through collective bargaining rights.

(#2) led a community service day to restore St. Louis’ first Black designated cemetery and resting place of civil rights hero and activist, Harriet Scott.

(#3) combatted issues pertaining to racial intolerance, including police brutality and discriminatory business practices.

(#4) protected the first amendment rights of first congressional district members, specifically by filing a federal lawsuit on behalf of a young St. Louisan whose artwork was wrongfully censored for its strong political content.

(#5) teamed up with Tennessee and Illinois representatives to introduce the Police Training and Independent Review Act of 2017 in the wake of multiple catastrophic incidents involving police brutality, which would require sensitivity training in the areas of race, ethnic bias, disabilities, and interactions with new immigrants.

(#6) Opposition to the Census Bureau’s gerrymandering rule affecting inmates of prisons and denying home-communities badly needed census numbers; as well as opposition to adding a citizenship question to the upcoming 2020 designed to disenfranchise minorities and new immigrants

(#7) Led a bi-partisan endorsement of legislation to establish the African-American Civil Rights Network, a system of historic sites nationwide intended to promote research and education tied to the modern African-American civil rights movement

(#8) Asked for and got a Justice Department review of the 2014 police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., resulting in an agreement that directly addresses the multiple constitutional violations as part of the patterns and practices of the Ferguson Police Department and the Ferguson Municipal Court.

(#9) Worked to secure a future in America for tens of thousands of immigrant Dreamers, living and prospering under the President Obama Administration but who are facing the dire threat of deportation under the Trump Administration

(#10) Called for the censure of President Trump for making “vile, racist” statements regarding refugees and immigrants from Africa, Haiti, El Salvador and other non-European countries

(#11) Opposed President Trump’s Muslim travel ban calling it “cruel, ineffective and counterproductive to our national security

(#12) In the wake of extreme reaction by police to Ferguson protests, the Congressman continues to work to demilitarize the police nationwide

(#13) Supports efforts to eliminate foreign tampering in American elections

(#14) Worked to preserve and restore Greenwood Cemetery, the historic African-American cemetery in Hillsdale, Mo.

(#15) Spoke out against the desecration of the historic Chesed Shel Emeth Jewish cemetery in University City, Mo., and helped secure nearly $300,000 in Homeland Security grants to protect local Jewish community institutions; as well as condemning racism displayed on the University of Missouri-Columbia campus

(#16) Spoke out against LGBT mistreatment and against the terrorist attack against that community in Orlando, Fla.

(#17) Successfully garnered Congressional support to have the Bison declared the National Mammal

(#18) Questioned the firing of FBI Director James Comey by President Trump, and commending a DOJ probe into the firing

(#19) Continues fighting for comprehensive immigration reform

(#20) Continue opposing a nuclear armed Iran while supporting Iranian freedom and human rights

(#21) Worked to have the Confederate flag removed from VA cemeteries and urged the removal of Confederate memorials from Forest Park

(#22) Supports marriage equality

(#23) Supported a Congressional resolution encouraging body-worn cameras for police

(#24) Supported the decision by President Obama to limit military hardware to police agencies

(#25) Called for police officers nationwide to receive specialized sensitivity training and

(#26) Called for independent investigations in all cases of police and deadly force incidents

(#27) Help post a Congressional reward for the capture of the suspect in the shooting of police in Ferguson

(#28) Called for the investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice into police tactics against protesters following the 2017 acquittal of former St. Louis Police officer Jason Stockley for the death of Anthony Lamar Smith


(#29) Works to renew the assault weapons ban in an effort to prevent the loss of lives in mass killing incidents; also supports improving gun laws to plug loopholes allowing guns to get into the wrong hands

(#30) Led a bi-partisan endorsement of legislation to establish the African-American Civil Rights Network, a system of historic sites nationwide intended to promote research and education tied to the modern African-American civil rights movement 

(#31)  Worked with airport commissioners to find funding for Lambert- St. Louis International Airport, resulting in a $3.1 million grant awarded to upgrade and enhance security involving the baggage screening system.