Member of the

Missouri House of Representatives

September 1991

Member of the U.S. House of Representatives

From Missouri's 1st district

November 1983

Member of the

Missouri Senate from the 4th district

January 3, 2001

The struggle continues to hold our government accountable to the people.  Congressman Lacy Clay by his actions proves to the constituents of the 1st Congressional District that he’s working for our constitutional rights to the betterment of LIFE, the promise of LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS will always be the priority under his leadership. 



(#1) Hosted a President’s day blood drive in Florissant, MO, to provide hospitals with critical resources for their Missouri patients in dire need.

($$) Worked to implement 5.5 million in Recovery Act Grants to expand quality primary and specialty care for St. Louis city and county patients.

($$) Yielded 19.4 million in federal stimulus funding for transportation projects in the St. Louis area because of his outreach to MODot.

($$) Secured 1.5 million for special projects in St. Louis city and county, resulting in the creation of jobs, uplifting of at risk youth, healthy lifestyle promotion, and cultural institution support.

($$) Worked with airport commission to find funding for Lambert- St. Louis International Airport, resulting in a 3.1 million grant awarded to upgrade the baggage screening system and find explosives quickly.

($$) Secured 24.99 million in funding after almost 10 years of pursuit for the Loop Trolley, which connects two of the Congressman’s represented neighborhoods: U-City and Forrest Park. The funding generated new jobs and attracted local residents and visitors.

(#7) Elected as one of 12 house democratic deputy whips, where he ensured the stability of social security and Medicare, consumer protection, and safeguarding of healthcare continued in the Midwest region.

($$) Helped create a 6.2 million grant specifically for HIV relief programs in the city of St.Louis.

($$) Assisted in awarding the St. Louis City Drug Court a $200,000 grant to expand its reach and enhance vital offender intervention services like treatment for substance abuse, healthcare, mental health services, and job training.

(#10) Helped secure 8.4 million in unused funds to help local nonprofit agencies and supportive services to end the cycle of homelessness in St. Louis.

(#11) With the Promise Zone Designation in 2015 St. Louis and the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership was one of six out of 123 competitors nationwide to win the preferred status, giving the region access to the expertise of 12 federal agencies, 35 programs and access to grants and technical assistance to job training, education, healthcare, law enforcement, urban agriculture and community-based efforts to reduce violence.

(#12) His ongoing efforts to renew the environment are excellent and since 2015 includes a role on the Natural Resource Committee in Congress where he is fighting for environmental justice and combating climate change, calling President Trump’s removal of the U.S. from the Paris Climate Agreement a “shameful” betrayal of the planet’s future and jobs for American workers

(#13) Success in repairing the urban environment is also a hallmark of his career, key among his efforts was the former Carter Carburetor site in north St. Louis that was chosen for chemical contamination clean-up using $33 million to make the site development ready. 

(#14) As the first Member of Congress to do so, Rep. Clay called for the removal of nuclear waste from the Westlake Landfill, a 75-year old World War II Manhattan Project nuclear waste site. Through the EPA, the expertise of the Army Corps of Engineers and activist groups including Just Moms STL, the Missouri Coalition for the Environment and others, a solution appears eminent

(#15) Works to renew the assault weapons ban in an effort to prevent the loss of lives in mass killing incidents; also supports improving gun laws to plug loopholes allowing guns to get into the wrong hands

(#16) Dedicated the new Lacy Clay Center for Children’s Health

(#17) Worked to defeat Trump Care legislation that would have left many thousands of Americans without medical insurance protection

(#18) Supports the Affordable Care Act and health insurance coverage for all Americans

(#19) Helped post a Congressional reward for the capture of the suspect in the shooting of police in Ferguson

(#20) Supported the restoration of relations with Cuba during the Obama Administration