Cori Bush a No-Show at Only Debate with Congressman Lacy Clay (MO-1)

Cori Bush a No-Show at Only Debate 

with Congressman Lacy Clay (MO-1)

Challenger Snubs League of Women Voters, African American Sororities, Black-Owned Media and Historic St. Louis Church with No Notice

CLAY: “I’m proud to run on my record and she continues to run away from hers…she’ll let her dark money supporters do the talking for her.”

ST. LOUIS, MO – Cori Bush failed to appear at the only scheduled head-to head debate with Congressman Lacy Clay (D) Missouri last night, startling sponsors and disappointing Democratic primary voters.   A member of her campaign staff appeared late and gave the reason for Bush’s unannounced absence “she had a radio interview” at 7pm in the evening.

Bush, who had confirmed her participation in the candidate forum sponsored by Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, the League of Women Voters, Radio One and the historic Westside Missionary Baptist Church in St. Louis, was a no show as the debate commenced via Zoom and Facebook Live.

Congressman Clay, who joined live from Capitol Hill, told the audience about his urgent efforts this week, along with the House Democratic leadership, to force a vote in the U.S Senate on the Heroes Act…emergency COVID-19 pandemic legislation crafted in-part by Mr. Clay that would extend emergency unemployment benefits, extend the moratorium on evictions and foreclosures, and provide states and local communities with Federal dollars to help them avoid cutting vital services and laying off tens of thousands of teachers, healthcare workers, first responders, transportation workers and other essential heroes.

“I’m amazed that after confirming her participation, my opponent snubbed and disrespected the esteemed sponsors who worked so hard to convene our only joint appearance of this campaign,” said the Congressman. “But at least Cori is consistent…I’m proud to run on my record and she continues to run away from hers. She has plenty to explain to voters, but I guess her approach is to let her out-of-state dark money supporters do the talking for her. Dark money talks, but Cori doesn’t.”

There was anticipation that Bush would finally address unanswered revelations that she is profiting from campaigning when she accepted $22,000 from her campaign and that she claims to be a pastor of a church that doesn’t exist.  Also, as a candidate who campaigned a lot about campaign contributions she has been the beneficiary of more out-of-state dark money in a congressional race than any candidate in St. Louis history.  Bush has no good answers for her hypocrisy so she was a no show for the debate.

Congressman Clay went on to field a wide range of audience questions covering the federal response to the pandemic, Black small business development, police and criminal justice reform, curbing gun violence, closing healthcare disparities, combatting climate change and defending the right to vote.

The Missouri Democratic Primary is Tuesday, August 4th

Congressman Lacy Clay (D) Missouri is a founding member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and a senior member of the Congressional Black Caucus. He has earned the coveted endorsements of the Progressive Caucus PAC; the CBC PAC, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the Sierra Club, the EQUALITY PAC, the Newtown Action Alliance, organized labor, and the Alliance of Retired Americans. He has also been named a candidate of distinction by Moms Demand Action Against Gun Violence.

Real results, real reform…For the People.

On August 4th, Stay With Clay!


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