“No More Lies, No More Lives Lost, No War with Iran”

“No More Lies, No More Lives Lost, No War with Iran”

Clay Cosponsors and Speaks in Support of War Powers Resolution 


WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Wm. Lacy Clay, (D) Missouri, went to the floor of the U.S. House today to speak in support of H.Con.Res 83, a War Powers Resolution cosponsored by Mr. Clay, limiting the President’s Military Actions regarding Iran.


The following are his remarks with video link attached below:


“Madam Speaker, I rise in strong support of Congresswoman Slotkins’s War Powers resolution, which I am proud to cosponsor;


And to also express my support for legislation introduced by Congresswoman Barbara Lee and Congressman Khanna to repeal the much-abused 2002 AUMF and prohibit funding of any offensive military operations against Iran.


President Trump’s incoherent strategy has brought us to the brink of another disastrous war in the Middle East.


I have seen this madness before.


In 2002, I stood here to oppose the use of force in Iraq because I knew that tragic war was based on a lie.


The Constitution is clear…


Donald Trump needs Congressional authorization to use force against Iran.


So, I say to you all today:


No more lies.


No more lives lost.


No war with Iran!


Thank you, and I yield back the balance of my time.”