Clay Urges Hearing on Defending Women’s Reproductive Healthcare


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Clay Urges Hearing on Defending Women’s Reproductive Healthcare

“Women continue to be traumatized by abortion bans and intrusive medical procedures”


WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Wm. Lacy Clay (D) Missouri is requesting a congressional hearing to examine the disturbing pattern of multiple states enacting new abortion restrictions and medical requirements that not only infringe on a woman’s constitutional right to control her own healthcare decisions but inflict unnecessary and painful procedures which violate best medical practices.

In his letter to Oversight and Reform Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings (D) Maryland, Mr. Clay, who is also a senior member of that investigative body said in-part:

“The right of women to make decisions about their private, personal reproductive health should be decided solely by a woman and her physician. The government should not seek to be the uninvited third party in the room to impose roadblocks and restrictions.”


Missouri is one of six states with only one remaining abortion clinic and the current facility is in jeopardy of being forcibly shut down.  In St. Louis, the dedicated physicians and staff of the clinic have been harassed, inundated with unreasonable requests, served with subpoenas, and forced to perform a medically unnecessary procedure disguised as an exercise in regulatory authority.


As I have stated throughout my career, abortion should remain safe, legal and rare.  These new restraints do not make women safer or healthier and deserve review.”