Our Congressman Assignments

Under the leadership of the democratic party our Congressman’s committee assignments are Natural Resources Oversight & Reform and Financial Services.

The Natural Resources Committee legislates and oversees all natural and energy resources, our natural assets such as parks and public lands, oceans, water and hydropower; ensuring policies and practices are grounded in science and our national response to climate change is strong and proactive for the sake of future generations.

As a senior member on the Oversight & Reform Committee, our Congressman and his colleagues will investigate the truth of many suspicious and seemingly unconstitutional matters involving President Trump and alleged abuses of power by him and his administration seeking accountable to the rule of law. Stay tuned Our Congressman’s service on the subcommittee Civil Rights and Civil Liberties is a continuum of our strong voice for voting rights and equal protection under the law for speech, press, assembly, employment, criminal justice reform policies and the census.

Our Congressman chairs the Financial Services subcommittee on Housing, Community Development and Insurance overseeing and legislating how these financial service products are offered to consumers by financial institutions and government financial agencies in public & private development, banking, urban development, money & credit, insurance, housing, international finance, securities & exchanges and student loans. Financial Service Chairwoman Maxine Water assigned our Congressman to the subcommittees on Consumer Protection & Financial Institutions, as well as Diversity & Inclusion in economic opportunities.  Let’s help our Congressman by sharing knowledge, experiences and thoughts with the committee.

Our Congressman’s staff, in the 3 conveniently located district offices, are quite capable and ready to help you find the solution and answer to federal government issues. For accurate and most current Congressional news visit the official government committee web sites.

Support our Congressman, Lacy Clay, by donating to his campaign committee. Thank you.