Congressman Lacy Clay: An Advocate for Human Rights On Behalf of the Constituents of the 1st Congressional District of Missouri

Congressman Lacy Clay: An Advocate for Human Rights On Behalf of the Constituents of the 1st Congressional District of Missouri

U.S. Representative Wm. Lacy Clay, Jr. believes in equality for all citizens, regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic status or sexual orientation. Throughout his career, he has unwavered in supporting marriage equality for the LGBT community. Clay votes for passage of legislation with equal rights for all in mind, especially minority groups whose equal rights are often threatened.

In 2006, the Congressman voted no to the passing of a proposed marriage protection amendment bill that threatened same-gender marriage. Clay voted yes to the Sexual Orientation Employment Non-Discrimination Act in 2007, which prohibits employers from discriminating on the basis of actual or perceived sexual orientation.

In 2015 the Congressman celebrated a narrow 5-4 Supreme Court decision that recognized gay marriage in all 50 states. At the time the Congressman called it a “major advance for civil rights and a victory for millions of LGBT Americans who deserve the freedom to marry and to have that life commitment recognized in every state.”

Also, he said “No one has the right to tell someone else who they can love. And no one has the right to define someone else’s family.”

In addition, Rep. Clay is among many members of Congress who offer LGBT-inclusive protections to congressional staffers.

Clay’s record of support for the LGBT community earned him a rating of 100 percent by the Human Rights Campaign, or HRC. HRC is the largest national organization committed to fairness and safety for LGBT Americans, and explores a politicians record thoroughly when awarding superior ratings.

Shortly after the passage of same-sex marriage laws on a national level, the Trump administration took a step in the opposite direction with regards to the LGBT community’s equal rights. President Donald Trump enacted a ban of all transgender individuals from serving in the military in 2017, leaving many servicemen and women shocked and embarrassed. Clay was one of roughly 140 representatives who authored a letter to President Trump urging the reversal of the ban. The letter included the following statement, “Implicitly, your ban denies the value of transgender service members, and it questions the professionalism of those who serve beside them. Our Armed Forces have grown more equal and more inclusive over time, often in the face of strident opposition.”

The Congressman has spoken out against injustices harming the LGBT community, including the tragedy that killed innocents in a terrorist shooting at an Orlando nightclub in 2016. Clay wrote in a letter titled ‘liberty” written to constituents and friends of Missouri’s 1st Congressional District, “I condemn all unjust attacks against humanity, … I oppose hate and racism everywhere.”” Clay continues to advocate for the freedoms and liberties justified by the American constitution – and fight for an America that all citizens can be proud to call home.